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Mr Shawn He visits Sweden

Mr Shawn He, head of the Cross-border Transactions of Hualian, visited Sweden recently at the invitation of Swedish Institute to have some on-site experience and knowledge of Sweden’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) trends.

CSR represents the new international trends in corporate governance which requires businesses to voluntarily incorporate the social and environmental concerns relating to their stakeholders into their managerial decision-making process and operation, so as to promote the sustainable growth of both the businesses and the community.

Mr He is the only lawyer on the 20-member delegation from China, which is comprised of talented representatives from the industry, the government and the academia across China.

During the two-week stay in Sweden, Mr He participated in intensive lectures on CSR in Sweden, visited Swedish companies and law firms and had comprehensive discussion with a wide range of personalities.

Shawn He and Michael Wigge (left) at the Vinge.

Mr He has been committed to legal advice on energy, environment issues and climate change. He is particularly experienced in counselling CDM projects and other carbon-related transactions. He said this visit will help Hualian further strengthen its service in the relevant areas. “A lot of multinational companies have made it an important part of their CSR policy to reduce environment pollutions and buy carbon credits to offset their green house gas emissions,” he said, “we’ll build on our service in these areas and go a step further to provide our clients with legal advice with respect to all their CSR issues.”

 During the visit, Mr He was also invited to Vinge, one of the largest Nordic law firms headquartered in Stockholm, where he met with Michael Wigge, the firm’s managing partner, to discuss the possibility of mutual cooperation. It is agreed that Hualian and Vinge will help each other in furthering their service respectively in Sweden and China.

Mr He also took an interview from a well-known Swedish business weekly, Affärsvärlden, during which he offered some tips to Swedish businesses who are interested in doing business in China. Excerpts of the interview can be found at the website of the magazine (here ).