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Headquartered in Beijing, Hua Lian was jointly founded by China’s Ministry of Justice and The Association of Overseas Chinese in 1985 as one of China’s first and leading law firms. 
In 1993, Hua Lian obtained the securities law practice license issued by the Ministry of Justice and China’s Securities Regulatory Committee and became one of the first China law firms qualified to practice securities law.
In 2001, Hua Lian was reformed into a private partnership law firm and has since expanded rapidly.
In 2007, Hua Lian obtained the qualified receivership status pursuant to the newly amended Bankruptcy Law, making it one of a limited number of elite law firms which become qualified to act as receivers in bankruptcy cases in China. 
Over 20 years, Hua Lian has established and maintained good cooperative relationships with a good number of leading law firms in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Together with its clients, Hua Lian has grown into an established, full-service China law firm with branch offices across China, through which Hua Lian can provide its clients with legal services tailored to their specific needs.
Meanwhile, Hua Lian has built sound relations with an array of government authorities such as China Securities Regulatory Committee, Ministry of Commerce, and the General Administration of Foreign Exchanges and has established a good professional image among the many other professional circles like securities houses, investment banks, accounting firms and rating agencies.
Following the firm’s tenet of “Integrity and Diligence”, Hua Lian lawyers treat the client’s interest as their top priority and are always committed to excellence and professionalism in serving their clients.