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Hualian Opens New Office

With approval from the Bureau of Justice of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hualian recently opened its new office in Holhot, the capital city of the region.

Located in north-eastern ChinaInner Mongolia is known for its abundant natural resources and idyllic grassland. Over the past few years, this region has become the focal centre of investment from around the world in such areas as wind power and mining.

The opening of the regional office will further strengthen Hualian's service capacity to clients interested in this region, said Hao Zhi, head of the Inner Mongolia office.

Hualian, headquartered in Beijing, has already set up offices in Shenzhen, China's manufacturing power house in South China, and Tianjin, one of China's largest coastal cities. The setting up of the Inner Mongolia office is Hualian's latest move to spread its presence across the country to better meet client's growing business needs.