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Corporate and Securities

Corporate and Securities law practice is one the core businesses of Hua Lian.
The attorneys of the Corporate and Securities Group all specialize in corporate and securities law. Their rich experience in IPOs, company restructuring and reorganization, M&A, capital operation and corporate transactions enable them to advise our clients in sophisticated corporate and securities transactions in such areas as the establishment of corporations, M&As, equity restructuring and reorganization, asset reorganization and IPOs.
Service Areas
1. Structuring, counselling and arranging for the establishment of domestic and offshore companies;
2. Restructuring of state-owned and private enterprises;
3. Corporate consolidation, spin-off, insolvency and liquidation;
4. Domestic and overseas financing, including IPOs of A-shares, B-shares, H-shares, N-shares, S-shares; new share issuance by listed companies; issuance of corporate bonds and convertible bonds; issuance of ADR and other portfolios; securitisation of assets and private placement;
5. Transfer of corporate equity interests and debt-equity swap;
6. Mergers and Acquisitions;
7. Assets lease and trust;
8. Structuring of long-term, equity-based incentive schemes or plans including MBOs, ESOPs, MEBO, etc;
9. Corporate strategic investment and venture capital;
10. Corporate governance;
11. Establishment, pooling and new issuance of investment funds;
12. Demarcation of corporate ownership;
13. Arbitrations and litigations relating to securities fraud and infringement.