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Finance and Investment

Hua Lian has a team of high-calibre lawyers dedicated to providing comprehensive finance and investment law services to all sorts of financial and investment institutions, including overseas investors. 
Through years of practice, Hua Lian lawyers have formed good working relations with relevant government authorities, including the Ministry of Commerce, the State Development and Reform Committee, State Foreign Exchange Administration Bureau, etc., and maintained close and good relationship with a good number of overseas firms. All these have laid sound foundation for Hua Lian in the area of finance and investment law practice.
Scope of Service
1. Representation in financial disputes;
2. Regularly advising financial institutions;
3. International financial legal service;
4. Mortgage loan;
5. Disposal of non-performing assets;
6. Assisting investors in the collection and analysis of relevant business information, designing investment plan based on the circumstances and assisting investors in identifying investment opportunities and partners;  
7. Providing legal opinions to investors, including without limitation opinions on legal issues related to investment vehicles, land usage, foreign exchange control, governmental levies, etc.;
8. Drafting and preparing legal documents needed for investment, including but not limited to letter of intent, joint venture contract, articles of association, technology transfer agreement, loan contract and so on;
9. Participating in negotiations or meetings with business partners and the relevant government departments on behalf of clients, assisting investors to obtain all kinds of government approvals and registrations, acting as legal consultant of the clients and assisting in the planning of legal structure for enterprise operation.