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International Transactions

International transactions service is one of Hua Lian’s primary practice areas.
Hua Lian’ International Transactions Group has a team of highly experienced lawyers who are graduates from prestigious law schools from home and abroad. Most of them hold master’s or doctor’s degrees in law and all speak fluent English. With knowledge of both Chinese and international laws, we are able to provide legal services to either foreign clients doing business in China or Chinese clients doing business abroad.
With Hua Lian’s expertise in such areas as real estate, corporate and securities, finance and investment, intellectual property, litigation and arbitration, the International Transactions Group can provide its international clients with comprehensive legal services to satisfy all their varied needs.
Scope of Service
Hua Lian’s international practice includes foreign direct investment in China by overseas investment, overseas investment by Chinese enterprises, international trade, international finance, and international dispute resolution.
1.      Hua Lian’s service in the area of foreign direct investment in China includes:
--- Assisting foreign investors in the establishment of representative offices, Sino-foreign Equity Joint Venture Enterprises, Sino-foreign Cooperative Joint Venture Enterprises, wholly foreign owned enterprises and foreign-invested joint-stock companies.
   --- Conducting due diligence investigations, assisting foreign investors in the merger or acquisition of domestic enterprises, preparing and conducting anti-trust filing and reporting.
   --- Advising foreign clients on their investment in China regarding such matters as forms of investment, land use, foreign exchange control, tax, technology transfer, patent and trade mark licensing, intellectual property protection, labour issues, stock purchase and liquidation, etc..
   --- Drafting and preparing legal documents and instruments necessary for the investment, including but not limited to letters of intent, contracts and articles of association of joint ventures, technology transfer agreements, loan contracts, patent and trade mark licensing agreements, labour contracts, supply contracts and sales contracts.
  --- Participating in negotiations and consultations, assisting foreign investors in obtaining approvals from various relevant government authorities of China and handling the formalities of approvals and registrations.
 --- Providing high-quality services of translation of English and Chinese legal instruments when required.
2.      Hua Lian’s legal service in the area of overseas investment by Chinese enterprises includes:
 --- Assisting Chinese investors in the establishment of offshore companies outside China, listing on overseas stock exchanges and the issue of stocks or bonds overseas.
 --- Assisting Chinese investors in the liaison with and selection of foreign business partners, law firms, accounting firms and other intermediaries; and assisting with the relevant external liaison.
3.      International trade
 --- Advising foreign companies on their trade arrangement in China, structuring the deal and preparing the relevant transactional documentation.
  --- Regularly advising foreign trade companies and foreign-invested enterprises, providing legal opinions relating to their trade activities, drafting and reviewing relevant legal documentation.
4.      International dispute resolution
--- Providing constructive and practical dispute-prevention plans and dispute-resolution strategies plans. 
--- Assisting in the negotiation and settlement of disputes and representing clients in international arbitration and litigation proceedings, including but not limited to civil and commercial cases or arbitrations.
--- Assisting clients in the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards and court judgments in China and in the recognition and enforcement of Chinese arbitral awards and court judgments in foreign jurisdictions.