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Litigation and Arbitration

As a traditional practice area, litigation and arbitration constitute a core area in the legal services provided by Hua Lian.
Litigation and Arbitration Group is comprised of lawyers of high calibre who are graduates from famous law schools in China and abroad. Through years of hard work, the attorneys of Hua Lian have established and maintained good working relations or cooperative relations with relevant government authorities, all levels of judicial bodies, other domestic and foreign law firms and the academic circles. With such a comprehensive network, we are able to provide high quality legal representation in litigation and arbitration cases to domestic and foreign clients.
Scope of Services
Hua Lian lawyers represent clients in civil, criminal and administrative legal actions and also represent clients in arbitration proceedings concerning commercial disputes, and labour disputes. Our services include:
1.      Drawing up dispute resolution plans and litigation or arbitration strategies;
2.      Lodging, defending or appealing cases on client’s behalf and providing legal services during the investigation and review processes in criminal proceedings;
3.       Lodging or defending arbitration cases on client’s behalf;
4.      Drafting various legal instruments for litigations and arbitration cases;
5.      Conducting investigation and applying for evidence preservation and asset    preservation;
6.      Representation in litigation and arbitration hearings;
7.      Applying for judicial enforcement of legally effective judgments, arbitral awards and other effective legal instruments on clients’ behalf;
8.      Applying on the client’s behalf for rescission or enjoinment of arbitral awards;
9.       Participating in mediations and alternative dispute resolutions.