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Real Estate

Hua Lian is proud to have a number of lawyers who are pioneers in China’s real estate law practice and well recognized in Beijing’s real estate business circles. With expertise and a care of clients’ commercial purposes and interests, we have successfully handled a substantial number of real estate projects and accordingly have accumulated rich experience in this area.
Scope of Service
Real estate legal services available to developers and purchasers include the following:
1.      Legal services in the early stage of real estate projects, including establishment of project companies, drafting and revising relevant application documents related to land use right, zoning and planning, architectural design, construction and development etc., assisting in applying for and obtaining various approval documents and certificates, legal services related to real estate project acquisition or transfer, project financing, and project management, etc,, and assisting companies in establishing internal management rules and settling disputes.
2.      Legal services related to sale (lease) of real properties, including assisting in applying for presale (sale) permits, assisting in formulating sale plans for commercial properties; drafting and revising sale (lease) documents, and negotiating and arranging contract signing on behalf of clients.
3.      Legal services related to property management, including drafting and revising property hand-over documents, property management contracts, assisting in the establishment of property owners’ autonomous organization such as owners committees, assisting in the formulation and completion of property management rules and handling property management disputes.
4.      Legal services related to mortgage loans (for individuals) , including assisting banks in conducting due diligence on developers and their projects; assisting banks in examining the qualification and credit standing of borrowers (property owners), and providing legal opinions on the same; preparing loan agreements, and arranging execution of such agreements; acting on behalf of domestic and foreign banks and/or borrowers (property buyers) to complete mortgage registration (amendment or cancellation) procedures with relevant government authorities.